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All About The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Established within the Department of Transportation on January 01, 2000, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has come up as a follow-up to the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act of 1999. Previously, the FMCSA was a part of the Federal Highway Administration.

Today, it has an identity of its own and plays a very important role in determining that the motorists are safe and all the regulations are properly followed.
FMCSA Activities

The first and major mission of the body is to make sure that all commercial motor vehicle-related deaths and injuries are avoided and prevented as far as possible. Expedited auto shipping companies and auto moving companies are governed by this body. Main activities of The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are:

  • To contribute to making sure that there is complete safety in motor carrier operations. This is done through strong enforcement of all the safety regulations.
  • Target commercial motor vehicle drivers and high-risk carriers as they pose a threat to others.
  • To improve all safety information systems and technologies of commercial motor vehicles.
  • To strengthen the equipment and operating standards of commercial motor vehicles.
  • To increase safety awareness as much as possible.
Responsibilities of the FMCSA

Commercial Drivers’ Licenses: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration comes up with and designs standards to test and license drivers of commercial motor vehicles.

Data and Analysis: Data on motor carrier safety is collected by the body and disseminated and the administration also directs resources to improve the safety of motor carriers.

Enforcement of Safety Regulations: The body runs a program aimed at improving safety performance of carriers and motor-vehicles. High risk carriers are immediately identified and removed from the highways of the country.

Research, Technology and Development: The FMCSA carries out research, development and technology programs in order to improve safety of vehicles and carriers and to spread awareness among drivers.

Financial Assistance for Safety: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides all the states with financial aid to invest in roadside inspections and other safety programs targeting commercial motor vehicles.

In addition to the aforementioned things, the FMCSA also supports the development and designing of safety requirements and procedures of unified motor carriers throughout the country. It also actively participates in programs of international technical organizations and committees to share the safety practices and learn about new developments.

Moving Companies, Relocation Troubles and the FMCSA
Every year, many people relocate from one place to another. While most relocations tend to go smoothly, there are times when people are left dissatisfied or unhappy with the moving service they hired. Some consumers are actually subjected to abusive practices by the mover. These complaints are very serious in nature and mean that there has been definite violation of regulations. This is when the FMCSA comes into the picture.

If you feel that what was promised by a moving company has not been delivered at all, the goods that were to be transported have been badly damaged and/or the moving company has been unfair in many ways, you can contact the Administration and it will immediately set out to target the company which violated the regulations set down to make things easier for consumers.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been designed to help consumers who feel that they have been treated unfairly and to make sure that all safety regulations are followed. In order to not face harassment at the hands of a mover, make sure that you pick a good company. Platforms like longdistancemovingcompanies.com aim to get you in touch with genuine moving services.
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