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Why You Should Not Move A Piano Yourself?

A piano is an expensive possession and due care should to be taken while moving it. It is advisable to hire a specialist to move a piano. Most movers consider this under the special moves category, or there are dedicated professional piano movers who specialize in the job. Here are the reasons to hire them –

Insurance: Professional piano movers have insurance policies to protect them and thus you from any mistake that they might do and damage your loved possession. So, from the moment you hire a specialist to move a piano, your piano cannot be damaged because if it does, then you get it repaired or replaced. Compare this to moving it yourself. Here you stand the risk of damaging it. It doesn’t make any sense to shift a piano yourself, if the mover has an insurance cover. All you need to do is make sure that they have one and that your beloved piano is adequately covered.

Piano Covers: In order to move a piano, you need to pack it. For this, you require special piano covers. Sometimes, they are custom-made on order for a piano moving specialist. So, they are in a better position to relocate your piano, rather than you doing it yourself.

Equipment: Here is another reason why piano moving ought to be a specialist’s job. Such moving is best done with the help of equipment such as hydraulic lift machines and forklifts. You are unlikely to have them at all. Even if you rent them, you pay a great deal. For most medium sized pianos, using these machines becomes essential to ensure the safety of the item. It makes good sense to let the specialist do his job.

Understand The Terrain: You should consider the terrain, if you plan to move your piano yourself. For instance, a terrain full of steps and narrow alleyways proves detrimental to move a piano. Tough conditions call for more experience. Besides, there is no point endangering an expensive possession when a fairly cheap moving service is available.

Moving yourself means ignoring insurance, good packing, equipment, and the terrain, to avoid a small charge. Some people are fixated on saying that hiring a professional is expensive. In such case, it helps to log on to www.longdistancemovingcompanies.com and checks out the quotes and compares them as well. However, before finalizing any moving service, ensure to conduct your background research. Ask them for registration details, licenses, and check with the past customers and the Better Business Bureau to ascertain that you are entrusting your loved possession to the right people.

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