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Want to move your piano? It is best to let experienced long distance piano movers handle this difficult task. Pianos and organs are very fragile and are easily damaged if they are moved by inexperienced movers. Technical knowledge and strength are required to move them safely.

Changes in temperature and humidity can also affect your piano. To prevent this, look for a company that offers climate-controlled piano moving and storage services.
Can you afford to have your piano moved by amateurs?
A regular mover may not have the expertise to move your precious piano safely. While you can save money by getting regular apartment movers to move your piano, you will be taking a big risk by doing so.

Many people avoid calling specialist piano movers because they think that it will cost too much. Professional piano movers have reasonable fees, and they know how to move pianos and organs safely. Remember, you may have to spend a lot of money if your piano is damaged while it is being moved.
Planning to move your piano yourself?
If you are thinking of move your piano yourself, bear in mind that it is very heavy and unwieldy. It is not easy to lift and handle a piano, and a little slip could cause a lot of harm. If there is an accident, your home and possessions could be damaged, and you could even injure yourself while attempting it.

The outer cabinet and internal parts of a piano are very delicate and the uneven distribution of weight makes it very hard to handle. A little knock could result in a big loss!
How a piano is moved
Before a piano is moved, the piano mover may be cover it with blankets and strap it onto a special skid called a piano board. The piano board may be put on a dolly to move it across a room.

A freight elevator can be used to move a piano to a different floor, if one that can carry it is available. If no other option is available, a piano can be carefully slid up or down a flight of stairs. The risk of damage and injury is considerably higher while you move a piano via the staircase.

A block and tackle or crane can be used to move a piano through an upper-storey window, though this requires experience and can be costly.
Will your piano fit in your new home?
It is your responsibility to make sure that your piano will fit in your new home. Check to see if the stairs, doors, and windows are wide enough. See if there are any tight corners where it may get stuck. You can measure your piano to make sure that it will fit. If you get it wrong, you will have to pay to get it moved to another location.

Before you choose a long distance piano mover, shop around and compare quotes from a few service providers.

Check the reputation of the piano moving companies and make sure that they are licensed and insured. Get free quotes from the best long distance piano movers in your area. No costs! No obligations!
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