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Will An Employer Take Care Of The Moving Costs?

If you are relocating for a new job or moving because you got transferred, there are good chances that your employer would take care of the moving costs. While most of the employers do pay relocation costs for their employees, it is not a thing to be taken for granted and your boss might not do the same.

Employers who choose to pay for their employees’ relocation have the complete freedom to decide which services they want to pay for and how much. There are many corporate relocation services out there which are hired by companies who pay the moving costs. Although there are no rules about it, office moving expenses generally are covered by the boss, if not entirely, than at least in major parts.

Some Finer Nuances
Your employer can choose to pay for your relocation and/or share the expenses in two ways: he or she can give you a reimbursement which is tax-free and for the amounts that you can deduct, or alternatively, the reimbursements can be added to your total salary.

In case you end up receiving a tax-free reimbursement for moving costs, you do not have to worry about anything else. Legally, these expenditures are just deducted from your earnings because the awarded reimbursement is not included in your wages.

On the other hand, if your boss just chooses to reimburse you via salary, you will have to fill out the Form 3903 and this would entitle you to receive a deduction. You will also have to do this in case you are self-employed.
Show Your Appreciation

Although it is a very common practice for bosses to pay moving costs for employees, do not take things for granted and make sure you show enough appreciation. Here are some things you can do to make sure that it does not look like you are taking things for granted:

  • Ask Even If You Know: You might already know that the company will take care of the relocation costs, but make sure you ask your employer if it would be possible for the firm to cover the expenses. This would show that you care enough to not just pick up something that is coming your way without even one word or gesture of appreciation.
  • Research A Bit On Your Own: Share with your boss how you are willing to carry out a research of your own to ensure that the company can get the best possible deals on relocation. Contact a few service providers online and collect quotes from about 3-4 different sources and present them to your boss. This will give him or him the chance to maybe find a better deal and the gesture shows that you are appreciating the company’s efforts and are doing your bit to help. An online platform like longdistancemovingcompanies.com is perfect from collecting quotes from different moving companies.
  • Participate And Do Your Bit: Just because your boss is taking care of the moving expenditure is no reason for you to just sit back and watch things progress. This would send a bad signal to your boss and the company on the whole. Make sure you are participating and doing your bit in everything from finding a moving service to unpacking and setting up the new place.

If your company is covering your moving costs, appreciate the gesture and never fail to show how much it means to you. Bosses or companies are never under any obligation to pay for relocation. Those who do, therefore, deserve appreciation.

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