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Moving Day: All That You Need To Know

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Most people get very anxious during moving day, which is natural human behavior. Good planning will ensure that your moving happens in a very smooth manner. You will have to be very systematic in your approach when you are managing the moving process.

Start by allocating a budget and then selecting a good moving company. Maintain a file to keep all the receipts and other important documents. Check out some good moving and packing tips from the Internet and make a note of the important points. You may have to get into a meeting with the contact person of the moving company and give your requirements to that person. If you have any questions to ask, make a list of those questions and ask them when you meet the contact person. You will have to decide on a date of moving. Generally, the moving date is on a weekend.

The moving process can be very tiring and you will need a day’s rest after the moving day. If you have any friend or any relative who has moved recently, call him or her up and ask them how they managed the moving process. When moving long distances, you will have to make sure that the goods are insured. Check with a local insurance company for the insurance of the goods in transit. When moving, you can either travel along with the movers or you can travel on your own. It is recommended that at least one family member travels along with the movers—if possible.

When the movers reach the destination, the next important task is to offload the goods or belongings. Local mover services have professionals who do the job in a systematic manner. You will have to oversee the loading and offloading of the goods and belongings. The supervisor of the moving services makes a checklist of his own and will take your signature on that checklist. After the task is complete, you may have to tip the movers. Although tipping a mover is not a mandate, you can give it as a kind gesture.

There are some movers who go out of the way to ensure that your goods are safe. You may want to give a few dollars to such professionals as a reward for their good work. When the goods are less, you may have to tip just one mover, but if there were more than one mover involved, you will have to tip each mover individually.

By and large, the tips given to the movers can range from a few dollars to a100 dollars. Check with your friends and relatives who have moved their goods using the mover services for the exact tip amount. If you don’t have any friends or relatives who have moved in the recent past, check the Internet for the tipping range. In addition to the tips, you may have to provide beverages to the professional mover. If the move goes beyond the lunch time, you may have to make provisions for lunch as well.
Before you tip the mover, make sure to have the right change in your wallet. If you don’t have the right change, make sure to get the change before you start the moving process. Make sure that you don’t leave any stone unturned during the moving day.

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