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Piano Moving Tips To Make The Process Easier

The very thought of moving a piano can be tiring. Pianos are heavy and must be moved with extreme care. While some pianos may have wheels, it is not always easy to transport them up staircases or move them around corners. Also, dismantling and reassembling the piano can prove to be a challenge.

Check out these piano moving tips that can help move your piano without hassle.

Scout The Place: Take a thorough look around the place where the piano has to be moved. Make sure the piano is easily accessible from all sides. Measure the area from the current position of the piano to the place where it has to be moved. Move the piano into a suitable place – away from heating devices. Calculate the dimensions of doorways and staircases. Ensure that there are no obstacles in the way. If you are moving a piano from one house to another, determine the spot where the truck should be parked.

Check The Piano: Find out if the piano is in proper working condition. Fit in any part that needs to be repaired. Ensure that the wheels are in place and functioning properly. Lower the lid and lock it before you start moving.

Consider The Piano Design: Upright pianos need to remain vertical while grand style pianos have to be moved horizontally. Consider the use of furniture sliders while moving your piano. Remember, filliping the piano can be a risky move as the internal structure can be damaged.

Estimate Manpower: It is necessary to keep in mind this important piano moving tip. While a grand piano requires at least two people to move it on wheels, an upright piano requires the help of four movers. It helps to hire extra manpower so you have people to come in during risky manoeuvres. Move the piano slowly and carefully, just a few inches at a time. Use most of the help while negotiating tricky corners. Lift with knees bent and back straight. Ensure that every mover has an escape route in case the piano slips down.

Moving Trucks: When you move your piano into a truck, keep the piano upright and strap it down. This prevents shifting and any damage that can be caused from the process. Use ramps and inclined planes when loading and unloading. Keep in mind that grand style pianos require bigger moving vans or trucks.

Piano Accessories: Move the lighter parts of the piano – benches, musical stands and other accessories first. It is easier to move the smaller pieces before exhaustion sets in.

When you are thinking of moving a piano, understand that it not only needs the help of strong manpower, but also requires good preplanning. It helps to consider professional piano movers if available. But if you have to do the moving with your friends help, take care to ensure that you keep in mind the above piano moving tips.
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