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Piano storage involves several more considerations than storing some odds and ends. Antique and classic pianos, especially, are invaluable. Even an average piano is quite an expensive and delicate piece of equipment. So it’s important that your piano gets the right sort of care. After all, it could be that one day, what you thought to be just an ordinary piano, may prove to be a priceless item.

We never compromise on standards and select on the most professional piano movers. We fully understand that pianos are some of the most fragile musical instruments. The fine woods used in their construction are delicate, and require specialized care and storage. This is particularly true because wood ages faster when stored in an attic, basement or even by piano storage services.

They are easily damaged by exposure to direct sunlight. UV rays damage the finish as well as the wood within. Excessive exposure to sunlight, and the associated cycles of heating and cooling, causes the formation of cracks in the finish.

Another major factor that can easily damage a piano is humidity. High levels of moisture content can cause woods to expand, stretch or bloat. This can ruin the fine craftsmanship of the whole piano, not to mention distortion of its ability to produce the required sound.

Piano storage services must therefore store them away from places where fluctuations in temperature and humidity are likely. This includes air vents, compressors, radiators, fireplaces or other heat sources. As far as possible, fine wood must not be subject to abrupt changes in temperature or humidity.

Having said that, attempting to “insulate” a piano against these fluctuations may not be a good idea. If done incorrectly, this can have equally bad results. Plastic covers or wrappers tend to stick to the finish, and damage it over time. Any dyes, colors or chemicals in the plastic may also leach into wood.

In addition to all of the above, pianos must be handled ever so carefully when being moved. It’s important that they be lifted before being moved. They should never be pushed or slid across the floor, as this can impose too much stress on the legs and cause serious damage. Edges need to be protected by appropriate materials to protect them from accidental chipping and scratching.

We’ll find you piano storage services that take all the necessary precautions to ensure your piano is protected and stored in the best possible way. So in addition to getting the most competitive quotes, you’ll also have peace of mind! Now, you can instantly get a free quote, simply by filling out an online form.

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