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How Professional Piano Movers Help You Move A Piano

Professional piano movers help you in safely moving your Piano to the new location. They are well aware of the right techniques to pack and move your beloved musical instrument. Almost all the companies employ a piano-moving-equipment with advanced features to carry out the task.

The Process of Piano Moving

The company you hire will strap the equipment on to the so called “piano board” by covering it with quilted moving pads for security reasons. Moving the piano over a leveled surface is performed by using a piano dolly. They then roll it over to the staircase, where the dolly is removed and the equipment is moved slowly up or down the stairs with great care. If the piano has to be placed in trucks, ramps are used to serve the purpose.

How To Hire Professional Piano Movers

The company will send a representative to your home to inspect the piano to be moved. He may also want to visit both the to and fro locations to make arrangements for the process accordingly. You must make sure that you don’t ask them to move it through a very narrow passage or hoist it in a window that is too small to accommodate it.

If you have asked the hired person to move the piano to an inappropriate location and after taking it to the new location the piano doesn’t fit the place and you are in need of taking the piano back home or any other place, then you have to pay the fee for bringing it back. So, it is your responsibility to provide the representative with as many details as you can.

There are a few things that you have to bear in mind, while looking for a piano moving company. Here are some points that you have to be clear about when you want to shift your musical instrument.

Considering the type and size of the piano you want to move, is especially important. Pianos are usually categorized as upright and grand. If the representative visits your home, then he will make a note of it. But, when you are in a situation to give the details over the phone, then you have to measure the upright piano by height whereas the grand piano must be measured by the longest length from the keyboard to the curve in the bow end.

You have to give your movers the complete details of the place from where the piano has to be picked up and the destination it has to be moved to. Make sure that you give them the details of stairs if any, in both the two places. These include the number of steps there are, whether they are straight or curved or spiraled, etc. Feel free to clear all their doubts.

Piano moving is difficult when there is a lawn through which the movers have to carry the equipment. They feel the task is as hard as it is while taking the device up or down the stairs. So, you have to inform them in advance about the existence of a lawn on the way if any.

The service should be hired only after comparing all the piano movers in your area by browsing the net or via direct enquiry. You have to understand the fact that not all piano movers are the same. The services may vary and you have to choose the one that better meets your requirements.

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