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Tipping a Mover: Some Dos and Don’ts

Tipping a mover for the first time can be a difficult task if you don’t know the appropriate amount to tip. Here are some moving tips that will guide you on the moving day.
Tipping a mover depends on the quality of service that you get. If you don’t get the service you desire, you can refrain from

giving a tip to the porter. If you have received excellent service and you goods are taken good care of, you can give a good tip to the moving professional.

Importance of Doing Research to Arrive at the Right Tip Amount
Understanding the market rate for tipping a mover is very important. You can do research on the Internet to find out what the right amount is. Again, this is very subjective and can differ from one place to another. The quantity of work can also determine the amount of tips. If the goods are less in number, you can pass on a few bucks. However, if the goods were heavy and the mover had to put in lots of effort in loading and off-loading, you can give throw in a few extra bucks.

You can also observe the facial expressions of the mover when you are tipping him. If there are no expressions on the mover’s face there is a greater possibility he is not happy with the tip. When you see a smiling face after giving a tip, you can assume that the amount is either sufficient or more than what was expected. Before tipping a mover, check to see you have the right change. If you have only have $100 bills in your wallet, it may be difficult to give the porter a tip. Make sure you have bills available in smaller denominations, so the mover won’t have to provide change.
Tipping Multiple Movers: The Distribution Dilemma
If there is more than one mover it is appropriate to tip the head mover and ask him to divide the cash among his employees. When you are giving the tip to the head mover, make sure that the others see the amount that you are giving to assure that it is distributed equally.

You need to keep in mind the math when distributing the tips. If there are three movers and you want each of them to get $20. You will have to give $60 to the head mover. When giving the tip to the head mover, you should mention that you would like the money to be distributed equally.

When you hire movers from a local moving service ask a few friends or neighbors who have hired moving companies how much money they spent for tips. If you are traveling to a far off place, you may have to consider the destination area when tipping a mover. When the service offered by the movers is excellent, the tips can range as high as $100. Once you have an idea of the correct tipping range, you can then decide on the exact amount that should be given as a tip. Check out www.longdistancemovingcompanies.com to get a better idea of the correct amount to consider when tipping a mover.
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